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Secure Storage in the Cloud

  • a service provided by 4Science, based on DuraCloud technology;
  • facilitates preservation and content storage services in Europe, complying with the European Commission General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • offers application support in additional time zones and languages;
  • provides affordable, transparent, vendor-independent, and cost-predictable access to the cloud storage facilities in Europe;
  • makes it easy for institutions to take advantage of the infinite scalability offered by the cloud.
  • an open technology developed by DuraSpace;
  • makes it easy for organizations and end users to use content preservation services in the cloud;
  • enables durability and access to digital content.
  • supports open technology projects;
  • provides long-term, durable access to and discovery of digital assets.
  • is the first member of the Certified DuraSpace Partner Program;
  • provides a managed DuraCloud Service in Europe and neighborhood.